Love and Laughter Ladies (Thursdays) | The Woodlands Methodist Church

Love and Laughter Ladies (Thursdays)

Thursday at 9:30 AM

Love and Laughter Ladies laugh together and love the Lord. They meet together to study God’s word, share life experiences, and pray for each other.

Group Details

This Love & Laughter Women’s group joins with Radiant Bible Study for Women.


Women have been changing the world since the beginning. As we study how God uses women in the world today, in history, and in the Bible, we find important truths about who we are, our purpose, our gifts, and important truths about our Creator. In a ten-week spring study, we will hear live teaching from Rev. Susan Kent and other female pastors and leaders in ou r church and we will use the workbook Ten Women of the Bible: One by One They Changed the World by Jenna Lucado Bishop (Max Lucado’s daughter). 

Moms with children not in school may register for nursery care. We will attempt to supply a shadow.  

To sign up, visit the Thursday Radiant Study registration page and note Chris Robbins in the Friend/Group request box.  


GLOW is a Bible study for adult men and women with special needs staying at home during the day. GLOW occurs concurrently with the Radiant Bible study, enabling mothers to attend Radiant, knowing their adult child is participating in a meaningful activity geared for them.  

To get started, visit the Thursday Radiant Study registration page and note GLOW in the Friend/Group request box and you will be contacted about registering your child for GLOW. 

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