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Children's Ministry: Elementary Ministry Leader- Main Building

This position is part-time, non-exempt, 20 to 25 hours per week and reports to the Associate Director of Elementary Ministries.  Sunday morning availability is required.

Job Duties:


  • Oversees Main Building high school intern program including training and scheduling.
  • Leads curriculum planning, implementation, and modification for Elementary aged children with final approval from the Associate Director of Elementary Ministries.
  • Creates and leads Easter family event.
  • Offers support to the Associate Director of Elementary Ministries for coordination and communication of Sunday School volunteers.
  • Submits supply and resource needs to be filled by administrative assistant.
  • Helps prepare craft and hands-on learning activities each week.

Program Involvement / Sunday Mornings:

  • Lead children 1st through 4th grades in a large group and small group settings at the Main campus.
  • Implement and deliver a developmentally aged appropriate curriculum, activities and resources.
  • Work with and assist the Elementary interns and volunteers on Sunday mornings to meet Ministry goals.
  • Greet parents and volunteers and assist with child check-in process.
  • Collect first time guest information and volunteers and submit to administrative assistant.
  • Collect Sunday morning counts and offering.

Children’s Ministry Key Programs and Events (outside of Sunday Morning)

  • TWMS Chapel Time – Thursday mornings (Special Easter Service)
  • CM Camp 247
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Children’s Christmas Eve and Easter Eve worship services
  • Father/Daughter Dance
  • Mother Son Spring Event

Job Requirements:

  • Strong, growing Christian with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and able to share Christ’s love with others.
  • Elementary teaching certificate and/or experience working with elementary aged children preferred.
  • Attend and participate in elementary ministry staff meetings, departmental meetings and all church staff chapels and meetings.
  • A strong understanding of Sunday morning curriculum is preferred.
  • Help recruit, train and appreciate volunteers.
  • Communicate and work with all church staff, volunteers, interns and parents.
  • Knowledge of the Bible and ability to retell bible stories developmentally appropriate for elementary aged (1st – 4th grade) children.
  • Participate in planning and implementation of Children’s Ministry Events.

Contact Julie Crocker at jcrocker@twumc.org.  No phone calls please.

Children's Ministry: Sunday Ministry Lead

The Sunday Ministry Lead role has been designed to give children a consistent adult staff presence in Children’s Ministry on Sundays, while providing the right tone and environment for learning. The Sunday Ministry Lead is responsible for having a dedicated weekly focus on sharing biblical truths about Jesus Christ in a fun and exciting way.

Job Duties:

  • Preparing the classroom/learning area on Sundays
  • Providing direction to volunteer and intern team
  • Welcoming children and families as they arrive
  • Take attendance and offering
  • Lead large group learning
  • Reinforcing and facilitating small group activities
  • Concluding the lesson and dismissing students
  • Clean up the environment

Job Requirements:

The Sunday Ministry Lead serves on Sundays from 8:00 am-12:30 pm. Curriculum is provided; Sunday Ministry Leader is simply presenting the prepared lesson weekly. Arrangements can be made if Ministry Leader needs to miss an occasional Sunday. The position is based on a weekly stipend and assumes a minimum of 46 Sundays per year; no health benefits are provided.

The ideal candidate is high energy, loves kids, enjoys being on a stage on a mic, and is gifted in teaching about the Lord. Candidates will work directly with Early Childhood, Elementary, or Intermediate Ministry Teams. Candidates will be asked to participate in a Saturday night experience as part of the interview process.

Children's Ministry: College Summer Internship

The Children’s Ministry College Internship offers students (currently enrolled in college and completed Freshman year) an experience to work hands-on in a ministry setting focused on bringing the message of God’s love to children and families. This is a great opportunity for students who are curious about a career in ministry, though this is not a specific requirement of the internship.

Summer internships are temporary positions that begin on or around June 1 and end on or around August 12. Sundays are required. Typical work schedule will be 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Sundays. Some weeks may require more hours and some may require less, depending on the activities planned each week.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Actively pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Energetic, hard-working and creative people willing to do a wide range of tasks
  • Passionate about working with children ages 3 to 12 years of age in many different settings
  • Strong ability to build relationships with children and volunteers

Summer Intern Duties:

  • Participate in the planning and delivery of weekly Sunday School for Pre-School, Elementary and Intermediate Ministries
    • Teach large group lessons
    • Lead small groups of children
    • Assist with logistics including children’s check-in, volunteer placement, classroom prep and clean up.
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of large and small scale summer events
    • Assist with preparations for VBS, Camp, 56 Day Camp and other summer events
    • Participate in the program planning process for large group and worship experiences
    • Attend most summer events with a focus on building relationships with children
    • Assist with all on-site event logistics including set up and clean up
  • Other duties as assigned by Children’s Ministry staff

The Children’s Ministry Department at The Woodlands UMC offers a variety of ministry opportunities throughout the summer. Interns are required to work in all areas, including but not limited to:

  • Sunday morning Sunday School
  • Vacation Bible School/ Day Camp/ Camp 247
  • Summer fun events
  • Summer mission opportunities

Ministry Covenant:

Because of our desire to live according to Scripture and the high visibility our children’s ministry team has in the community, summer interns commit to exhibit a Christ-like character in their attitudes, actions and lifestyle. The attached ministry covenant should be read, agreed to and signed along with an application and consent for background check.

Children's Ministry: Intern

This is a part-time position with no benefits created for high school students age 16 or older.

Shift schedules include Sundays and/or Saturday nights and Children’s Ministry-sponsored events serving children ages 3-12 years of age.

Job Duties:

  • Greet families and students as they arrive on Sundays and events.
  • As an intern your primary focus is to help ensure that every child is greeted, encouraged, interacted with and engaged in program activity.
  • Help set up and lead Sunday School, events, crafts, activities and clean up.
  • Support Ministry Directors and Ministry Leaders.
  • Arrive and Sign in on time for scheduled shifts.
  • Behavior in the community and your online presence must be compatible with values and beliefs of our church. Your online social networks should be accessible to CM Staff.


Strong interpersonal skills, enjoy children, role model for young children and a growing Christian that feels comfortable sharing their faith with others. Creative artistic talents in music, drama and art a plus.

Nursery: Caregiver

Noah’s Nook Nursery is accepting applications for Sunday morning childcare worker positions. The ideal candidate will be a strong Christian, love working with young children and be a team player.

The job requires the ability to lift 40 lbs., excellent communication in English and the ability to work weekends and evenings.

Contact Sabrina Horne at shorne@twumc.org or 281.297.5911 for more information.

The Woodlands Methodist School: Head of School

The primary responsibility of the Head of School is to promote and implement the mission and policies of The Woodlands Methodist School, a ministry of The Woodlands United Methodist Church. The Head of School reports to The Woodlands UMC School Board and Senior Pastor. This position is also responsible for executing the strategic vision of the school, overseeing the school’s day to day operations, and guiding each student toward academic excellence while cultivating their God given talents.

Principle Operational and Administrative Duties

  • Works with The Woodlands UMC School Board to plan development strategies and goals
  • Proposes policies or policy changes, as well as ensures that the policies of the School Board are consistently implemented
  • Directly supervises the Preschool, Lower School and Middle School Director(s)
  • Directly supervises the Director of Admission and School Business Manager and oversee the recruitment, admission and enrollment of students and budget, licensing and accreditation
  • Presents to The Woodlands UMC Finance Committee annual budget and tuition rates in October
  • Develops and manages school budget in compliance with The Woodlands UMC policies and accounting practices
  • Ensures compliance with local, state and federal regulations regarding education, health and safety
  • Oversees the planning and communication of all school wide events
  • Attends Preschool, Lower and Middle School events
  • Maintains all standards consistent with accreditation guidelines
  • Communicates to all parent constituencies to ensure understanding of all school policies and programs
  • Ensures the safety of each student
  • Promotes TWMS to parents, The Woodlands UMC, the community, and other Christian schools
  • Oversees school management policies and processes, which includes TWMS Student Handbook & Staff Handbook
  • Partners with PEO regarding school activities and improvements
  • Advises the School Board and the Senior Pastor regularly
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the School Board or Senior Pastor

Principle Instructional Leadership and Development Responsibilities

  • Builds and maintains a positive image for The Woodlands UMC and The Woodlands Methodist School
  • Leads the evaluation of the academic curriculum that it reflects the Christian priorities of TWMS
  • Ensures the school attains and maintains applicable accreditations
  • Stays current on latest education and government issues affecting the school
  • Encourages growth of the faculty through in-service opportunities and continued education
  • Represents TWMS to other academic institutions and associations

Personal and Spiritual Qualifications

  • Bachelors degree in education or related field is required
  • Masters or Doctoral degree in education is preferred
  • Demonstrates a growing Christian character, maturity and leadership at home and in the community
  • Demonstrates excellent interpersonal, listening and coaching skills
  • An excellent communicator that has a proven record of easily and effectively communicating with children, parents, teachers, staff and superiors


To qualify the successful Head of School should be a person with strong Christian values, exceptional leadership qualities with teaching and/or administration experience.

  • Proven leadership experiences with regard to leading, supervising, supporting and developing faculty to their fullest potential
  • Experience in administering the school policies and procedures, including disciplinary measures
  • Experience navigating the governance of a large institution with many stakeholders
  • Commitment to high academic standards, character-building and development of faculty and staff
  • Experience in fundraising and development
  • Experience in classroom teaching
  • Experience in Curriculum development
  • School Administration experience preferred


  • This is a full-time, exempt position eligible for benefits.

All interested applicants should submit a resume to Jana Graham.

The Woodlands Methodist School: Intervention Specialist

The Woodlands Methodist School, a ministry of The Woodlands United Methodist Church is looking for an Intervention Specialist for their Lower and Middle Schools.

The Intervention Specialist is responsible for coordinating student academic intervention programs.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in special education or related field
  • Five years experience in special education
  • Growing Christian
  • Strong interpersonal skills


  • Responsible to the school Director(s)


  • Develop guidelines for academic intervention
  • Coordinate intervention programs and services
  • Support and encourage classroom teachers
  • Support and guide parents regarding children with special needs
  • Provide for individual student needs and developmentally appropriate practices within the scope of the program


  • Coordinate student academic intervention programs
  • Develop baselines and assessments to identify remediation needs
  • Serve as a resource for classroom teachers; providing training, support, information and observation as needed
  • Serve as a resource for parents
  • Be knowledgeable of state licensing standards, state and local school districts policies and procedures, developmentally appropriate current research, practices, and resources, and resources within our school, church and community
  • Serve as a resource to the Director and the Advisory Board in assessing the ability of the program to meet the needs of specific students
  • Perform other duties as requested by the administrative staff


  • This is a full-time position that is benefits eligible.


All interested applicants should submit a resume to Jana Graham.

The Woodlands Methodist School: Middle School Science Teacher

The Woodlands Methodist School – Middle School is currently seeking candidates for a seventh and eighth grade science teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. This position is responsible for providing the best possible learning environment for children. Teachers should have certification in science. Teachers must be committed Christians. This position is responsible to the Director of Middle School and is full-time (benefits eligible).


  • Each teacher should have a baccalaureate degree and certification in science.
  • Three years or more year of teaching experience is preferred.
  • Teachers must be committed Christians comfortable sharing their faith with children and families.
  • Must meet church and school requirements, which include fingerprinting and an extensive background check.


  • Create and maintain a classroom setting that meets TWMS requirements, and national accreditation expectations.
  • Write weekly lesson plans reflecting individual student needs and hands on learning activities while maintaining the developmental philosophy of the program. Lesson plans should include TEKS.
  • Work directly with children to meet individual needs
  • Collaborate with the Director of Middle School, and other staff in those activities involving the whole program
  • Meet church and school requirements for in-service training and professional growth in a timely manner
  • Plan with and clarify expectations for the classroom assistant and any support staff or volunteer who may be assigned to the class

All interested applicants should submit a resume to Jana Graham.