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Real Life

Sunday at 9:30 AM

A class for those who enjoy discussion and the study of scripture. Previous lessons have included studies on books of the Bible and a series on real life questions such as "how to help the poor" and "end of life decision-making" addressed by pastors visiting the class.

Group Details

Approximate Class Size: 25

Meets at 9:30 a.m. in Room D212


Join us this year as we study through the Bible in 2019. We will explore the Bible through study in a discussion format to gain a deeper understanding of scripture and how to apply it in our lives.


  • Apr. 28 – End of June: Continuing through the Survey of the Bible
  • May 26: No class on Memorial Day weekend
  • During July and August: each week will be a stand alone topic to accommodate summer travels (no class July 7)
  • September: Return to Survey of the Bible (no class September 1)

Category: Adults
Community: Traditional, Harvest

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