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Sunday at 11:00 AM

MEETING IN PERSON AND ONLINE WEEKLY... A class for singles and couples. The class is focused on God's word and discussion on applying His word to our daily lives. Class members are active in various mission activities and highlights are shared with the class. Various social events are planned throughout the year.

Group Details

Adults’ Sunday School Class for 50+

Meets at 11:00 a.m. in Room B204 and online

MEET ONLINE VIA ZOOM -- contact Dennis Woodley at 936-232-3694 or

Study Calendar

Study Beginning January 10:  Psalm 119 - A 10 week video series by Matt Chandler 

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter of the Bible and it is suggested by scholars that David wrote this Psalm over the period of his lifetime. It talks a lot about living the "blessed life". However, David has so many verses indicating that the "Blessed are blameless, and walk according to the law, and keep God's statues". How can anyone do these things for 10 minutes let alone a lifetime. We will be studying what King David discovered over a lifetime of seeking after his God and God's laws. The study of what King David learned over a lifetime and he wrote in Psalm 119 promises to open the door for all of us to find and develop a lasting and loving relationship with the God of the Universe.  

We are meeting both in person in room B204 and on Zoom. Come join us in "Discovering" what King David can teach us in Psalm 119. 

Category: Adults, Couples, Singles
Community: Chapel, Harvest, Traditional

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