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Expressions: Floral Artistry

Expression classes are designed for those interested in being part of a Christ-centric community of ladies who enjoy life, the arts, a good laugh, and creative play. Classes provide an opportunity to tap into your creative self, freely pushing the limits of your curiosity and imagination in a breathable environment. Both artists and non-artists are very welcome!

Group Details

Women’s Special Interest Group

Fall 2021

Wednesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. | October 13 - 27 | Aldersgate Hall

Just like a woman wears many hats, so too, the art of floral design has many facets and comes in many forms. We invite you to explore 3 styles of Floral Artistry. 

This October session will be composed of 3 Wednesday night classes, all geared to equip you to create seasonal floral artistry.

  • Session 7: You have the option to create a fall or a Halloween-themed design.
  • Session 8: Create a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.
  • Session 9: Create a modern holiday design.

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Category: Music & Fine Arts, Women

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