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Sunday at 11:00 AM

A group of married couples striving for authentic community to "do life” with throughout different seasons. We believe we should constantly be growing and trying to imitate Christ’s grace-filled love. Through practice of prayer, study, community,

Group Details

Couples’ Sunday School Class for 30+

Approximate Class Size: 20

Meets at 11:00 a.m. in Room D206*

* Note: Room change during construction


  • September 23 - November 11 | The Book of John
  • November 18 - March 24 | The Joy Stealers by Rev. Rob Renfroe
  • April 28 - May 5 | The Book of Daniel
  • May 19 - July 14 | Birds and the Bees Parenting Study - a Christian video-based study for equipping parents to talk with kids about sex/developmental related topics at age appropriate levels, starting from toddler through the teen years.
  • July 21 - August 11 | At the Movies
  • Beginning August 25 | The Book of Acts

*There will not be class on the following dates due to holidays: March 10, March 17, May 12, May 26, June 16, and July 7. 

Category: Adults, Couples
Community: Traditional, Harvest, Chapel

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