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Life Matters

Sunday at 11:00 AM

A class for those of all ages and stages looking to take a deeper journey into God's Word. Together we take a page by page study directly from the Bible each week to gain a better understanding of the text and how we should consider it in the matters of life we all face daily.

Group Details

Approximate Class Size: 20

Meets at 11:00 a.m. in Room D208

FALL 2019


The Superiority of Christ, a lesson on the book of Hebrews. 

Join us for an in-depth look at the amazing declaration that Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of every promise made by God the Father. All the prophets spoke of him, all the psalms sang about him and he is the ultimate answer and the exclamation of our faith. The book of Hebrews is a study for Christians seeking a deeper relationship, proof for those not fully convinced and a warning to those who refuse to accept him. Join us for this exciting study! 

Category: Adults
Community: Traditional, Harvest, Chapel

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