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Sunday at 9:30 AM

This is a welcoming class of adults who meet each week for Bible study presented by a rotating team of teachers. In addition to a regular Sunday morning Bible lesson, we offer many fellowship activities, including games, luncheons, movies and day and extended trips.

Group Details

Approximate Class Size: 80

Meets at 9:30 a.m. in Aldersgate Hall


The Friendship Class uses a curriculum called "Explore the Bible" that provides quarterly lessons from the Bible.

MAY 2019

  • May 5: "Purifies" Mark 11:15-19; Mark 12:41-44
  • May 12: "Promises" Mark 13:24-37 
  • May 19: "Prepares" Mark 14:3-11, 32-36
  • May 26: "Lives" Mark 15:42-47; 16:1-8

Category: Adults, Senior Adults
Community: Traditional, Chapel

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