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Know Why You Believe

Sun, Oct 20, 2019 -


This four-week class is perfect for those with questions and/or for those who want to understand how to have discussions about faith with nonbelievers, the study will focus on exploring the following questions:

  • Evidence for God 1 -- What is a worldview? Why does it matter? Rational arguments for God's existence
  • Evidence for God 2 -- Does science conflict with faith?
  • Evidence from science for God's existence Who was/is Jesus of Nazareth? -- Jesus was either Lord, liar, lunatic, guru or myth? Where does the evidence point?
  • Evidence for the resurrection -- Why is the resurrection so important? Five explanations for the resurrection: hallucination, myth, conspiracy, faked, truth and here does the evidence point? 

Sundays 9:30am | October 20, 2019- November 10, 2019

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Registration closed on Sunday, October 20, 2019

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